2018 Highlights


RV Seminars with Billy Thibodeaux of Premiere RV, Inc.

FRIDAY • 2pm: Mobile Technology
Entertainment, Digital Media Storage, Navigation & Communications

SATURDAY • 2pm: Your RV Escape Vehicle – It’s Not Just For Vacation Anymore
The Reality Of Keeping Your RV Ready For Anything

SUNDAY • 1:30pm: Making Electricity On The Road – Generating & Efficiently Using Power
Battery, Inverter, AC Generator, and Solar Panel Information


Explore a 1923 Model T Dream Camper

A 1923 Model T Dream Camper, a Dust-Bowl era camper which tows its own outhouse, will return for its second year. While taking a look at this unique camper, visitors are sure to get some laughs while meeting with the owners, 78-year-old Rod Cathcart and 83-year-old Bob Barkwill.

Cathcart, known as “Sheriff Britches,” and Barkwill, known as “Deputy Boots,” also are entertainers and singers!